The lack of knowledge of the rules is no excuse!

    We keep the rights to change the rules anytime.

    You might get banned from the forum if you are:

    • bumping topics, (writing in old topics/writing comments to draw the attention etc)

    • Duplicating the same topic

    • Writing totally OFF things to a topic

    • Using wrong categories for topics

    • Annoying

    • Writing in non english/hungarian

    • Evading ban with other accounts

    Topics with commanding titles will be immediately deleted.

    Rules for topics:

    • The topic title must contatin the sort dest of the topic. e.g. unban <nickname/serial/ip>

    • Use for images, any other site will be ignored.

    • Keep the other rules of the topic if there are.

    If you break the rules your comment/topic will be deleted and/or you will get banned for days/months/forever.

    Non relevant topics will be deleted after 7 days.