To admin

  • I would like you to read my own opinion about of my accounts I was here to complain it account because is not fair TO me you ain't give a second chance or a signal to alarm my account in your game this name is.

    Linked account

    I spent real money for that account admins and I hope you unbanned or unjailed it all because how's the game if that account was banned and jailed dough
    The simple need is to use it.
    That all account are from PHILIPPINES And sometimes players in PHILIPPINES got in bullied in the game your answers is the solution ph player raising their rights in the game they are not abusers and insulting you or admins ingame hope you understand sir thank you.

    If you notice the gang name same all topics snitch want only to report my account and my gang members
    BTW I'm a player too and I gang Hander in your GANG name [777] HOOD OF HUSTLERS [PH] top 5 in gangs

    My official link account

  • Bannet pliz you made c bug and you should be punished


    @killer_bee Except the last account it was all banned by asturel. I think we all know that if he does something, that's his decision and there weren't any problem.

    You know the rule: you are responsible for your account no matter who use it.

    If you lent out 5 account then I have no questions at all 😄

    Its like you went to a shop and bought a lot of sweeties then you became diabetic. After that you went back to the shop and complained there for being diabetic cuz of the sweeties 😄

  • Yes sir we do wrong but can you forgive us
    To play them all's account requesting
    It's cool if the account banned is to repunished by jailed
    Thank you and be kind. @Derex