drive by bug


    how to reproduce?

  • didnt get what you mean?


    @tfue how to do the bug, steps to reproduce

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    wtf so funny bro

  • @Derex first thing is to drop pistols and not use them, then you gotta have primary weapon which is sawed off, and secondary uzi or tec-9, and all you do is hold left click to shoot, while pressing e q so fast, switching between weapons in a very fast way


    @tfue this whole driveby script is a built-in resource made by mta developers which uses the function. Here you can read you can't really make a limit between bullets. There are some hacky way what they made but it seems like don't working. I've tried it on a local server and I had only sawn-off. It shooted as fast as colt45.

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    @derex correct?

  • @Derex people can abuse it on gto, only when they reach level 35, you should enter the game sometime and i'll show you, otherwise its gonna be hard for you to get it

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    @Tfue no bro its easier to sit on a forum and complain about something and calling it a 'hAcK' rather than trying to understand the mechanics behind something


    @xmotiv8 you got your ban now. I'm tired of your stupidity. If you don't know how to do scripts and don't know the definitions then don't say anything and stay silent.


    @tfue all you have to do just launch a localserver, press F1 give yourself a sawn of shotgun, then get in a car.
    in F8 write start runcode, and crun setPedDoingGangDriveby(getLocalPlayer(), true)

    Doing this your charachter will aiming where your target is and if you press your fire buttons you will shoot very fast.

    This is how the base function works. You can't change the animations, the firing speed basically nothing.

    This function is hooked from the original game's function without the ability to set such things.

    If you still want to do something which is not normally supported that will be a hacky or low quality solution. (Here goes your friend false assumptions )

    The current driveby script is a default mta resource, the developers used a way to actually limit the firing speed.
    It uses unreliable timers and within them they just simply disable your permission to use the fire buttons and when the timer finishes you get back the permission. What is actually happening that by changing the weapons so fast you register more timers which are deleted at once, causing the firing speed limiter to not work. Also to understand how low is the mta to the basic game we can't make the timers instant, they need at least 50 ms latency which is high when shooting. There's the problem with the whole language LUA and between the wrong mechanincs.

    timeInterval: The number of milliseconds that should elapse before the function is called. (the minimum is 50 (0 on 1.5.6 r16715); 1000 milliseconds = 1 second)
    0 is still unstable in some situations.

    Why is it this way? Because in the singleplayer they didn't need to make this function so well built, they needed the ability to shoot from vehicles thats all.

    I think I don't need to make you remember we had to even disable it on motorbikes due to the animation hitbox is then invulnerable and there is no way to fix it unless you use manual animation scripts which are like impossible. Not because it is hard to make, the animation functions are too abstract. Thats why for example bots aiming at the sky but they shoot to the player because animations aren't really supported to handle it by yourself.

    We tried to make fixes about this problem, we can only report it to the main developers who will or not do something.
    Until that we disabled it and try to check solution by ourselves.


    @xmotiv8 and one more thing. Your ban was already on the horizon for so long. At least from here. Your words are a reason too for not doing anything. Having players who are only negative makes us lose our interest.
    I don't even get if you hate the server, the admin why are you here then? Why didn't you left if you are so pro who knows everything about mta and how the scripting works, why don't you make your own gto?

  • @Derex just came back, before i try doing this, this bug is sync bug too, like you can't see yourself shooting fast sometimes, but the other person can see you shooting fast

  • @Derex for some reason, it kept denying me from using any function, even when i registered myself as an admin, in the localserver, it's just so scuffy i don't know, but i got a clue why the bug is happening, it's mostly because of the 2shot sawn glitch that's enabled on the server, don't you think?


    @tfue You have to add yourself as admin in acl.xml
    C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch
    Duplicate row 32 <object name="user.Console"></object>
    <object name="user.derex"></object> change derex to your name.

    Keep in mind that you need to first start the server, register your account, then shut down the server, change the acl.xml then restart the server, conenct, then use /login

    You can then use 'p' as admin panel and you can use console too as admin.

    quickreload glitch has nothing to do with it, you can shoot fast without changing the weapons, but of course you'll shoot only 2-4 depending on your skill level, but that 2-4 bullet will be as fast as colt45.

    By the way on this link you can see crouchbug too, but of course thats disabled on gto. If it is enabled you just have to hold C to break the animation.

    Enabling quickreload will let you use Q and E on FOOT but in vehicle not. Keep in mind that these things were scripted in the driveby script that if you press Q what to happen and so on. But you can still see that the problem even exists without changing the weapons.

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    I think this is a good action I see many people's accounts are banned with car bug bans


    @warton and? We disabled it so no others will get banned for this reason but it doesn't mean that we will unban them.

  • @derex
    Is there a way you can add drive by for under level 30 only? Going to be hard for noobs to get skill points now. That way only pistol can be used from the car negating the fast weapon switch in cars.


    @boysofffire we will see what solution will be the best

  • @derex alright, so ive checked it, and the speed is insane, it's even faster than glitch itself that people abuse in gto, however, despite me not being able to switch between weapons when i was testing it, i have an idea, could it be possible to limit sawn off ammo to 1 when in car? which will make it slower, shooting 1 shot and having to reload after, but then there is switching between weapons will reset the ammo ammount in sawn off, idk this is too confusing