• Hello, I come to report a major abuse of error, resulting in the player server from Turkey from one moment to another, they got beastly amounts of money, almost equal to the money that the skopsko gang has.
    The skopsko thing is understandable, since he makes money all day, but these Turks do not make any money, they do not sell VIPs, they have only stolen by selling accounts, but it is not to make 25kkk overnight.
    They do the same bug that the Italian Dorin did in his time.
    One of the leaders of this gang, whose account is called | Lucifer |, on social networks asks 600kk for sharing the trick of the bug money, according to him, the bug is achieved by buying a vip changename, and this must be true, since That | Lucifer |, Nexuz, and other players, have changed their name in the game too many times, in fact I have been asked by myself to sell them vip changename, and I have the transaction id in paypal of this (for example that of TheNexuz )
    Below I leave the links of the accounts with the money collected by the changename bug, and also the money they have collected in the gang of TheNeXuZ


    https://imgur.com/gallery/rTLxJdZ Here is a link, in case these toxic players decide to hide their money in other accounts
    I hope I have made a correct publication about this complaint, since I did not find another section where to publish that was more appropriate, I hope this report will take me into account, thanks

  • This has come to my attention as well, they gained like chunks of money in like 24 hours and i'm talking about 4kkk + so you should definitely look into this

  • @xMOTIV8 i'm more concerned about derex health statue since last time he has posted the corona joke :d like how many players have abused bugs and insulted, during all this period, insane.

  • truuuueeeee


    @mousse you have zero proofs to say they used bugs.
    You came up with the name change -> they didn't change their name in this month.
    You cam up with the jail bug with /givecash -> they didn't use /givecash command

    So if you can't come up with proper proofs only with teories then stop posting or reporting them.

    Its like you just want them to be banned while earning this huge ammount of money is not impossible.