Girls in gto

  • Girls exist:
    GTO players:

  • Even if they exist i'm sure they wouldn't enjoy being sexually harassed by you xD

  • @dark-k ????????????????

  • @tfue I guess you forgot about what happened 2 years ago LMFAO.

    Well its fine

    Doesn't matter anymore

  • holy fuck, you are still mad at something i did 2 years ago, look, i think i apologised long time ago, and if you have something else to say, do it, i'd say its your fault bringing
    your girlfriend to " gto" but w.e i have no time for drama

  • I have nothing to say to you. I didn't say anything serious to you back then and I did not get you into deep shit because you bugabused infront of me that day multiple times, I recorded it, and I was gonna upload every single clip and get ur ass banned again but I didn't and I don't know why I didn't, I probably should have.

    I'm obviously not gonna cause a big scene about it but I have lost all respect for you, a guy who I was ready to pay for to get unbanned at some time.

    I probably should have listened to @Derex about ur BS last time we talked. I chose not to believe him but I probably should have.

    Whatever man as I said, I am not that mad anymore but I only understood how serious the crap you said and did that day was much much later and it made me leave GTO for almost 2 years. It wasn't my fault bringing my girl anywhere, its ur fault for being a potential rapist.

    I rest my case, its a bit stupid writing this on a public forum but I think the admins were completely right about you and I did not listen to them like an idiot.

    Sorry for spamming the forum guys/admins, that's all.

  • @dark-k 911

  • @dark-k yo, calling me a potentional rapist, thats serious accusation right there, for just saying " ur gf hairy pussy someshit", lol doesnt matter if you have clips of me doing bugs infront of people, cuz its not bannable unless im abusing it, its definitely why i changed my way with you, imagine threatening someone or acting to blackmail, and expect him to respect you back, oh sorry for the spamming the forum snowflake, grow the fuck up

  • @tfue

    Yup, that was the kind of immature reply I expected from you.
    I think you do not know how to understand english anymore. I never threatened/blackmailed you. Read the post again you illiterate fuck.

    I never said I'll be actively trying to get you banned or that I'll be posting clips of you abusing bugs, and I certainly won't waste my time trying to find some 2 year old clips. I don't expect any respect from a sweaty 9yr old tryhard like you who has no life outside of sitting at home and playing GTO all day all night.

    As for the accusation, I'll stand my ground. That's not the only BS you said. But you know what? I don't really think anyone cares here, because everyone here knows what a piece of shit liar you are. Just go check the ban reason on your last account if you need any more proof.
    You can sit here twisting stories and making up whatever you want all day just like you've done since the beginning of the server. Just because your girl dumped your ass and the only way you can cope is by talking shit online is none of my concern.

    Feel free to keep replying to this calling me whatever the fuck you want, I'm done talking to you man. This will be the last post regarding this issue from my side.

  • @dark-k lol, i think i've actually hurted your feelings, and you know what, think whatever you like about me, and then shove that thought up your hairy ass girlfriend. i'm done arguing with you snowflake.

  • @tfue

    Sure have it your way, and learn some english while ur at it 'hurted' lmfao fucking illiterate Tunisian fuck

    @Derex please lock the topic it isn't gonna go anywhere with this guy

  • everyone rn

  • @plugwalk XD wassup Robin, long time no see

  • @dark-k elo

  • @plugwalk

    do hmu ingame sometime

  • @dark-k sure