Player Opinions

  • @derex you should put new things in GTO like: -New characters, and new things for CJ.

    -From time to time, in your free time entering GTO and making events, GTO players like it when you enter and do events. The reasons to play.

    -new skins for cars, I always download but they ban me for some time. 5min 3min ....

    -Restart The places where the CB's appear, most of the players know all the places, it is not fair for them to be faster have more advantage. The idea is to seek to earn that reward.

    -also restart the lists for deliveries of cars and their places.

    -We want the same GTO as before, I know we can. We all want the rivalry that existed before, which entered a DM with 6 or 7 people. the wars of before gangs with more than 10 people online.

    They are only helpful opinions. Thanks for understand..........................